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W-DMX™ is the true trendsetter in Hollywood

27 July 2016

Wireless Solution has recently been on a quest to find out which Wireless DMX technology is predominantly in motion-picture and TV productions. We found the answer in a small office in Los Angeles where we met a modest but very interesting company – they are called BriteShot.

BriteShot – an American company – was founded in 2009 by Peter Ticktin, Roy McDonald and Irene Conrad. They spent 3 years researching and developing their first product – The Luminator®. Their main target market is the motion-picture and film markets. They have years of knowledge in television and theatre as well, and run a separate company called The Production Plant.

The idea of The Luminator® was to create a more efficient light than conventional HMI sources, with an increased flexibility with color and control. Their unit rivals any 3,000-watt fixture, with an array of 168 LEDs – they have AW versions (from 3,200k up to 6800k), Tungsten only and RGBAW fixtures with an impressive color range.

This unit has a very interesting characteristic – when BriteShot released it 3 years ago, they implemented W-DMX™. Today, this North American manufacturer owns more than 200 fixtures with embedded wireless DMX from Wireless Solution, that they rent across three locations – Los Angeles, New York and Southern Florida. In fact, BriteShot have available a Wireless Control Kit that includes a standard Wi-Fi router (for connectivity to an iPad), an Ethernet to DMX node and a W-DMX™ Blackbox F-1 MK2 transceiver. This allows users to remotely control an unlimited amount of units over a single iPad. Thanks to the reliable technology of W-DMX™, the units can be up to 2200 feet away from their control point, and effects and colors can be manipulated from an iPad – if the distance needs to be increased, the user can simply change the front-antenna, and extend the optimal range.

The Luminator® was specifically designed to withstand the long-hours of any video production, and be able to save costs to production companies – this is why it has an extremely low energy-consumption, an easy setup, and it even includes pre-built lighting effects like Police lights, Fire truck, ambulance, paparazzi, lightning effects and many more. All these effects can be recalled in seconds.

BriteShot also includes a vast portfolio in TV: it has been used in shows like The Good Wife, Person of Interest, Gotham, Orange is the New Black, The Blacklist, The Daily Show, CSI, Mr. Robot and any more.

It has also been present in events like: The Emmy’s Red Carpet for Extra, The US Open, and features like The Intern, The Amazing Spiderman, Captain America, Transformers, and many more! You can check their vast portfolio here.

We used a W-DMX™ BlackBox F-1 G4S for the shooting of Gotham for FOX and it worked great from 180 feet away”, said Roy McDonald, who was working on-set. “We were filming The Family, a show for ABC that got cancelled, and we were about 100 yards away from the lights. The connection stayed steady the whole time!”.

Wireless Solution is no stranger to this industry, and has been used since the beginning by many gaffers and a vast range of lighting rental companies – it has been used in productions like Pirates of the Caribbean, On Stranger Tides, Super 8, Star Trek and many others. Thanks to great advocates like Lighting Programmer Joshua Tatcher, Jason McKinnon from Electric Aura and Jarred Tiffin (also worked in Star Trek), the technology has become a standard in Hollywood productions and quite familiar to IATSE Local 728 and other unions, where W-DMX™ collaborates (along with the great support from Joshua) to deliver training sessions regularly.

W-DMX™ is also available for rental through companies like 4-Wall, PRG, Cinelease, Hollywood Rentals, MACCAM Inc., and many others.

Wireless Solution is currently distributed and supported in North America by TMB, with offices in Los Angeles and New York.