The BriteShot Luminator® RGBAW Grid is the latest revolution in professional lighting systems: Power that rivals a 3000 watt fixture efficiency that saves your production money, special effects that empower your creativity and the speed to light the set and strike the set faster than ever before.

Our patented system reinvents professional LED lighting. All 168 LEDs in the array work in conjunction to output color temperatures ranging from 3200k to 6000k, with instant recall. The Luminator® RGBAW draws only 4.0 Amps allowing you to power multiple fixtures off standard 110V circuits, while providing a massive maximum output equivalent of a 3000 watt fixture. Because of its all LED design it never gets hot, saving you energy costs, and the setup time associated with more fragile and dangerous incandescent lighting systems.

Among the 168 LEDs in the array are color LEDs, this allows us the unique ability to recreate special lighting effects all from one fixture. Some of the hardest lighting effects to achieve are now at your fingertips and we are always hard at work creating new ones. With controllable Frequency and Duty you can adjust them to your desired effect and instantly recall it days, weeks, months and years later when it comes time to reshoot. You can add white light at any temperature to any of the effects, letting one fixture do the work of two. Our built in effects include: Police, Fire Truck, Ambulance, Fire, Lightning, Water Reflection, Paparazzi, Strobe, Television and more.

These are only a small amount of the capabilities of the incredible BriteShot Luminator® RGBAW Grid, it also includes built-in color correction, full DMX control, a standard 13” accessory bracket and wireless capabilities all in one 30 pound fixture. Note that this fixture is 8 pounds lighter than the Luminator® RGBAW stand fixture. Refer to our technical specifications or contact us for more information.

The Luminator® RGBAW Grid can be either non-wireless or wireless, depending upon the request for the rental. The wireless fixture can be rented along with the wireless control kit for easier access and use.

Technical Specs

Color Output and Temperature Control

168 LEDs in groups of Red, Green, Blue, Amber and White. Output of each group is user controlled and designed to allow Color Temperature Control between 3200k and 6000k.

Special Lighting Effects

Police (Old & New), Fire Truck (Old & New), Ambulance (Old & New), Fire (Candle), Fireworks, Grand Fireworks Finale, End Burst Fireworks, Machine Gunshots, Lightning, Water Reflection, Paparazzi (Old & New), Television, Projector, Strobe, Color Chase and Color Fade. Frequency and Duty is user controlled.

Interchangeable Lenses

15°, 30°, & 60° lenses available.

Color Correction

Dedicated Color Correction for compensating the green color spike associated with LED technology.

Power Consumption

4.0 Amps (400 Watts) Draw, 110 Volt 50/60Hz Operation, LEDs rated for 50,000 hours of constant use.

Accessory Brackets

Industry Standard 13 Inch Accessory Bracket for use with Barndoors, Chimeras and other third party accessories.

User Interface and DMX Control

DMX 5 Pin In & Out connections for remote control when light is in DMX Control Mode. Wireless Control Kits available with rentals only, please contact rental department for further information.

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