Lighting effects like no other! From emergency vehicle lights to paparazzi camera flashes and fireworks to a fire blaze, this light has it all! You can have your effect lighting up the stage with one push of a button!


Power that rivals a 3000 watt fixture efficiency that saves your production money, special effects that empower your creativity and the speed to light the set and strike the set faster than ever before.



Lighting effects and power like no other! From lightning to gunshot flashes this light has the "guns" to produce white light like no other in the industry! Cool to the touch, the Bi-Color Series can have you reimagining what you can do with light on your set!


Draws only 3.8 Amps allowing you to power multiple fixtures off standard 110V circuits, while providing a massive maximum output equivalent of a 3000 watt fixture. Because of its all LED design it never gets hot, saving you energy costs!



"Hours later, it's still cool to the touch!" The Tungsten Luminator® will give any other 5K fixture a run for its money! This light is replacing old, outdated 5K fixtures on sets all around the industry. Today, you can rent one, a dozen, or more to get you spending less of your budget and keeping your stage cool!


With one or more BriteShot Tungsten Luminator’s® you can replace traditional skypan’s; all while saving on energy and cooling costs, set up and break down time and keeping the talent cool and comfortable.